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The auto-attendant is the electronic voice that answers each call to the Realitis Telephone System. The Realitis auto-attendant is the most flexible and configurable of its type in the industry. The Realitis system can be programmed to optionally use the auto-attendant, or to ring extensions directly first, and then optionally go to the auto-attendant.

There are a variety of extension types on the Realitis Telephony Server. Extensions can be physical stations, voice mail boxes, ghost or speed dial extensions, or associated with scripts or programs. The auto-attendant extensions are of the latter type: dialing an auto-attendant extension causes the Realitis Telephony Server to execute the script language in the auto-attendant program file.

Each auto-attendant program is then connected (associated) to an extension to make it active on the system. Using this concept, the auto-attendant capabilities of the Realitis Server are extremely sophisticated, with levels in the logic tree limited only by memory and resources. Auto-attendant programs are managed using the web browser with a visual display of the logic and flow. Auto-attendant programs are managed and edited as disk files.

Multiple auto-attendants can be configured on the system, with each outside (trunk) line answered by a different auto-attendant, if desired.

Auto-Attendant General Capabilities:

Number of user auto-attendant programs limited only by disk space resources
50 auto-attendant programs associated with extensions in a running system
Levels unlimited; only limited by memory and resources
Graphical display of auto-attendant program and editing
Auto-attendant editing by web browser; intra-net or Internet (Remote Administration)
Auto-attendant chaining
Recording of audio via handset on or off-site

Copying audio files via network (web browser)

Auto-Attendant Selectable Options:

Play optional message(s) and go to Next Choice
Play optional message(s) and go to Previous Choice
Play optional message(s) and Repeat Choices
Play optional message(s) and Go back to any previous level
Play optional message(s) and then Disconnect
Internal Dial Tone
Play optional message(s) and then Call Extension
Play optional message(s) and Call another auto-attendant extension
Play optional message(s) and Call a speed dial extension (off-site number)
Play optional message(s) and Call a voice mail box (record message)

Dial by Name (choice of first or last name)
Play optional message(s) and Collect extension digits
Collect rest of extension
Timeout action with configurable timeout in seconds (with optional message)
Entry not defined action (with optional message)
Play optional message(s) and Wait for one of 12 choices (0-9,#,*)
Begin Automated Call Distribution (ACD) Group
yoptional message(s) and Call operator (same as call extensint





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