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Conference Solutions

Conference SolutionsThere are substantial benefits to be gained from the use of conferencing.

Companies are now realising it can transform a business’s operation by speeding up the exchange of visual and data communication, resulting in faster decision making, increased productivity and the elimination of unnecessary travel costs. It has been estimated that over 70% of business travel is for the purpose of attending inter-company meetings.

Video conferencing can go along way in reducing these cost. We offer a full range of video systems and accessories which are ideal for small to medium meeting rooms, upto the largest system capable of meeting the demands of the largest global company.

Benefits can also be gained from audio conferencing, preventing time consuming arrangments trying to get people together for face to face meetings. No longer the preserve of the conference room, audioconferencing systems are a cost effective choice for meeting rooms and executive offices.

Please do not hesitate to Contact us for any further information regarding Conference Solutions.

Audio and Video Conferencing:

Designed as a clear alternative to half-duplex handset speakerphones, the range of Polycom Audio Conferencing Units supplied by Berkshire Telephone Systems covers the needs of a wide range of uses from the Polycom SoundPoint Pro to the Polycom Sound Station Premier –a range to give high professional quality conferencing for up to 20 people.

Polycom's full-duplex technology allows you to talk and listen at the same time, just as naturally as if you were in the same room—no clipping and no distortion like you get with ordinary speakerphones.

For full details on any of these products please email:

  Polycom Soundstation Premier
Ideal for up to 20 people
The best quality top audio conferencing system available today
Additional mircophones can be added to the EX version to support larger rooms
LCD display, 3 year warranty

Polycom VoiceStation 100

Ideal for up to 4 people
Perfect for offices, small conference rooms and the SoHo application
The voicestation 100 is the clear alternative to handset speakerphones
Full-Duplex Performance - simultaneous 2-way communication so everyone can hear and be heard clearly.
  Polycom SoundStation
Ideal for up to 6 people
For small to medium-sized conference rooms, SoundStation's
distinctive, award-winning design is familiar throughout the world.
SoundStation Conference Phone makes natural, full-duplex (two-way)
conversations easy without clipping or distortion.

Polycom SoundPoint Pro

With the Polycom SoundPoint Pro desktop Conference Phone, smaller rooms and individual offices get the same full-duplex clarity as the boardroom, one-to-one phone conversation. Use it as a handset, in speaker mode, or attach a headset. Change modes with a touch of a key or by lifting the handset.

Video Conferencing

Plug and Play Video Conferencing solutions from Polycom – we have a range of video conferencing systems to suit businesses of all sizes. Video Conferencing is a cost effective way to speak to clients and colleagues. Video Conferencing will save your company time and money.

Hold a meeting anywhere in the world – all you require to connect the Polycom video conferencing unit is an ISDN2 line, with video conferencing you can hold meetings in Glasgow, New York, Paris, Sydney - all in the same day – the cost of the meeting just the price of a telephone call.

Video conferencing face-to-face meetings, 5 miles or 5,000 miles apart – No Problem.

ViewStation SP High performance and extraordinary value—ViewStation SP is a fraction of the cost of competing systems—integrated systems ideal for small conference rooms, executives suites and professional offices. Great business quality video, plus audio and presentation capabilities. Fully interoperable with existing videoconferencing systems. Small enough to sit conveniently on top of any size S-video or composite monitor.

ViewStation SP –128 Single ISDN2 line giving from 56 to 128k bandwidth

ViewStation SP – 384 up to 3 ISDN2 lines giving from 64 to 384k bandwidth

ViewStation SP – 512 up to 4 ISDN2 lines giving up to 512k bandwidth.





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