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Cordless Telephones

Chester Communications has all of your cordless phone needs. We offer many different manufacturers and price ranges. From a basic one line cordless phone up to a four line cordless phone system with multiple handset capabilities and digital answering machine.


BT Synergy 2100
BT Diverse 4000TH
BT Diverse 4010TH
BT Diverse 4016
Cable & Wirless 2500
Cable & Wirless WR800
Philips 6631
Philips TD 6331
Samsung R 6100 Gold
Samsung R 6100 Silver
Samsung R 6150
Panasonic Cordless
Panasonic KXA 115
Panasonic KXT 705
Panasonic KXT 725

This is just a selection of Cordless Telephones that we have in stock, for information on these and many more, please do not hesitate to Contact Us or telephone us on

01244 348 667
















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