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An estimated 2.5 million workdays are lost every year due to and upper limb work related health problem..

  • Many staff experience aching neck and shoulder muscles after intensive telephone work

  • Anyone balancing a telephone handset between their neck and shoulder for 3 hours a day or more while multi-tasking is susceptible to this kind of injury

  • Headsets will significantly reduce neck, shoulder and upper back muscle tension by up to:

  1. 41% While Reading
  2. 31% While Typing
  3. 37% While Writing
  • A study at The University Of Surrey proved that overall, Plantronics headsets reduced neck and muscle tension by up to 31%

What are the Benifits Of Headsets?

Today two thirds of the UK workforce spend half their day on the telephone, many of whome are accessing a computer while conducting a conversation.

  • Headsets allow employees to use both hands increasing productivity by up to 43%

  • Increase typing speeds by up to 43%

  • Increase call response time by up to 72%

  • Cut call placement time by up to 44%

  • If on the telephone all day, a headset wearer can make up to 16 extra calls per day

  • The resulting productivity gain means a headset can pay for itself within 2 and a half months

Who To Sell Headsets To

Anyone who spends 3 hours or more on the telephone as part of their job will benefit from the headset.

  • Telesales/Telemarketing Departments

  • Sales Department

  • Credit Control/Finance Department

  • Customer Services Departments

  • After Sales Services Department

  • Purchasing Department

  • Helpdesks

  • Order Processing Department

  • Administration Department

  • Reception

  • Management.

  • We carry a large selection of Headsets please take a look.






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