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LCR - Least Cost Routing

Chester Communications has a range of tariffs from our business partners which provide a low cost telcommunications solution that delivers the call quality, service and availability that you expect from a national carrier.

With reduced overheads, a fast-moving sales and service team, Chester Communications can consistently out perform large, multi-national companies for price, service and product. And because we are independent we can offer the best of breed from each of our carrier partners.

Switch to a new LCR provider is seamless, with the introduction of CPS ( Carrier Pre Select) All the work is carried out remote from your business premises.

Following deregulation in the UK, BT is obliged to provide interconnect access to any subscriber on the UK Public Switched Telephone Network. This means that with inbound access to our switching centres established, we can pick the best rate available from a 'portfolio' of national and international routes and carriers. Nothing changes in the way you operate - your calls simply cost less. BT still provides your phone lines and your number, so BT Star Services (call diversion, call waiting, etc.) continue to work as they always have. With the introduction of Carrier Pre-Selection, managing your telecoms will become even easier.

Line Rental Discount.

Together with out partners we are only one of a few companies who are able to provide discount on BT line rental for standard analogue exchange lines and ISDN2.
Additional Features
We are able to fine-tune your package to include e-mail alerts, and on line call management of your telephone bill.


This is a security alert if either a call cost or duration exceeds your chosen cost or length. Once it goes over an e-mail is sent to yourself, or a chosen member of the company identifying the alert.

Looking after your account over the web.

This enables you (once security has been activated) to look at your bill and associated call costs, provide graphs or charts to your own pre-determined set of statistics. Identify most 20 common dialled numbers, call length, call costs etc can all be set up to meet your needs.

Mobile Calls

These are ever increasing costs which can be reduced to as low as 7.5p per minute from your business premises to *mobiles.

Mobile to mobile costs are another increasing overhead, reduce these costs to *5p peak when calling company mobile to company mobile or mobile to upto 5 dedicated landlines.

*Correct as of 28th April 2003, may be subject to change, contact us for any changes. Subject to terms and conditions and number of mobile handsets.

For further details any ways of reducing costs contact us we will require at least one months (or quarters) telephone bill for landlines and one months bill for mobiles.

SALES TEL : 01244 348667

SALES FAX : 01244319215





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