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Music on hold

What happens to YOUR customers when they are placed on hold, nothing except silence. On average a call on hold will transfer back after 30 seconds. A long time to listen to silence. How many customers believe they have been cut off during the silence and clear down? Do you know how much lost business that your company looses in this way!.

Music on hold is a cost effective means of providing confidence to your customer that they are on hold. The cost of commercial CD players is now affordable to the smallest of businesses. Systems range from a single MOH CD player to a 5 disk player.

Various options for music are available from Royalty free music to any popular artist / chart music, however with some music it will be necessary to purchase a licence.

Recent advancements have now made it possible to use the "on hold" time to your companies advantage:

During the time your customer is on hold, why not mix with the music, your special promotions or services, use it as free advertising, to bring your company and its products to your customer. This will project a professional image and reinforce the company brand.

Included within the cost of installation is a free custom-on-hold production consisting of 4 x 30 second messages, thank-you for holding, comfort messages and a choice of royalty free background music. These messages are read by professional voice over artists and professionally produced by the UK's leading specialist in bespoke on hold productions.

























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